Music and the Human Experience

Music is such an integral part of many peoples’ lives. The simple act of hearing a song can cause your mood to shift from happy to sad, and certain songs may even have the power to transport you back in time to a certain moment in your life- the relationship between memory and music is that strong. 

There have been plenty of psychological studies on the way music interacts with our brains- it aids in our memory, helps us learn and retain information and has a large overall impact on our emotions. Music is an integral part of the human experience.

That being said, not everyone’s experience with music is the same. Most people would say that they love music- whether they actively play it, or simply listen to others artists. However, it’s become apparent that creating and writing your own music deepens the impact it can have on a person, as it becomes more personal. The act of creating something yourself- anything- will naturally create a deeper tie for the individual. 

The act of writing music can be used as a form of therapy. It becomes a tool that many people see as an intense form of self expression. Most singer-songwriters write music that tell personal stories or relate to experiences they’ve had. Many musicians experience a sense of great relief upon putting their feelings into the form of a song – for many people, it may be the only way they are able to fully convey their emotions. 

Music has the power to heal, and allows people to begin working through any hurt or anger they may be dealing with in their lives. Throughout the process of songwriting, they begin to analyze the situation head-on, and ultimately turn it into something beautiful that they can share with others, if they choose. 

For those that choose to share, their music has the power to influence and inspire others in a positive light. At the Real Life Real Music Foundation, we focus on supporting musical endeavors with a message, that set out to make positive changes in our community and focus on what really matters. Maintaining the authenticity and integrity behind songwriting is what’s really important to us!

No matter your background, passions, or current situation in life- we encourage you to give songwriting a try. You may be surprised at the impact it has on you, or simply how much you enjoy it! There are plenty of resources online, and likely some in your own community that can help you get started. Remember, everyone starts somewhere.