The Real Life Real Music Foundation is a Texas based 501(C)3 non-profit organization with offices in Austin and Magnolia, Texas.

The RLRM Foundation was established to develop and support musical efforts that preserve musical history, provide education related to the craft of songwriting, and have a positive impact on society.

The foundation accomplishes the mission thru three primary focus areas:

  • Archiving recordings donated by Real Life Real Music
  • Conducting Songwriter Experience workshops
  • Identifying and funding musical projects with potential positive social impact​

The RLRM Foundation is governed by its board made up of Steve Said, President & Owner of Dosey Doe, Inc., Kyle Hutton, Founder & Owner of River Bend Fine Art, Co., and Craig Heiser, President & Owner of The Flying Locksmith. Day-to-day operations of the foundation are conducted by Executive Director, Clay Corn.

RLRM Foundation Office Locations:
33114 Forest West
Magnolia, Texas 77354

1220 Colorado St., Ste-450
Austin, TX 78701


1220 Colorado St., Ste 450
Austin, TX 78701

Clayton Corn
Executive Director