Making Music for Good

Music is so important in many people’s lives. It encourages happiness, creates memories, allows others to express feelings, or enjoy the art of making music themselves. Many people can’t imagine life without it. So, if music can do all of this for just one individual, imagine what it can for the entire world! In today’s society, musicians are widely looked up to- and they have the power to inspire social change through their songwriting.

Here at the Real Life Real Music Foundation, we believe in using the power of music to do good for humanity. We believe that you can enrich both your own life, and the lives of others through song. With everything going on in our world, it’s no secret that we could use a little more effort to make a real positive impact. What better way than a catchy tune to grab the attention of others in a world that’s so polluted with noise. And so, we keep our eyes to the skies and our ears to the ground searching for artists, songwriters and musicians that are focused on projects with a positive message, who really want to make a difference.  

Our hope is to aid and inspire songwriters in advocating for what they believe in- issues like foster care, natural disaster relief and many more. Our role is to provide the financial and experiential resources needed in order to bring these musical projects to life, help spread the love and start making a difference. 

Another way we work to spread the power of music is through sharing the craft of songwriting. Each and every year, we host a camp where we pair experienced songwriters with young people in our community, and mentor them on how to use song as a way to express emotion convey ideas. Because it’s so important, we take it upon ourselves to “pass the torch” of this artform onto the next generation.

Furthering our focus on foster care, we have extended our teaching efforts to residents of The Settlement Home for Children in Austin, as well as fostered and adopted children through DePelchin Children’s Center in Houston. “The songwriter camp was a powerfully healing experience for our kids. The songwriting experience allowed each girl to tell her story in her own unique way, which was empowering and cathartic.” – Darcie DeShazo, Executive Director – The Settlement Home for Children

Making music for good- that’s what we do here. Whichever side of the microphone you’re on, know that your voice has the power to make a difference in the lives of others, one small step at a time.