5 Tips for Writing Great Songs

Writing a great song isn’t easy. Even the world’s greatest songwriters started off writing “bad songs.” It just takes time, and repetition! However, there are a few things to know that will help you get started on your journey. So, whether you’re a beginner just getting started, or a veteran looking to expand your writing style, we wanted to share a few helpful tips for becoming a better songwriter. 

First, understand where to start a song. Having never written a song before, it can be hard to know whether to begin with lyrics or music. Experienced writers suggest starting with the main melody of your song, which typically revolves around the chorus. Once you have a solid chorus set, you can begin to build the rest of the song around it!

Really study your musical inspirations. What is it about their songs that draws you in? The lyrics, the beat, the guitar work? Understanding what you love about music can help you understand what to focus on in your writing, and what a great song is made of. Additionally, try searching for books or articles on music history to expand your horizon and gain more inspiration.

Stay calm. It’s tempting to give up and get frustrated when you feel as though you’re unable to write a good song. In songwriting, it is vitally important to accept the fact that your first 5, 10, or even 100 songs may be bad. What matters is that you’re learning, gaining experience and continually improving. 

Talk with other songwriters. Joining a songwriting group and building community with other local writers will give you a safe space to share tips, give feedback and grow. You might even implement a group challenge to write a song each week. Or, you could give group writing a try! Writing with other individuals can help expand your writing style. 

Keep a songwriting journal. Whether it be in a booklet you carry with you, or the notes app on your phone, keep a running list of thoughts and things that speak to you. This is good to have to continually strike inspiration for new songs- so you won’t forget!

We hope some of these tips work for you, and we wish you luck on your songwriting journey!