DePelchin Children’s Center: Defending the Future of Houston, TX

The Real Life Real Music Foundation is very proud to be working with an organization held in such high esteem as the DePelchin Children’s Center. The main goal of DePelchin is to create a place for every child to be safe and healthy. They are an amazing adoption and foster care agency that has selflessly served the children in the Houston area for over 125 years. In fact, they celebrated their 125th anniversary recently, and our team had the opportunity to attend the heartwarming ceremony. 

They are a nonprofit organization with locations throughout Houston and across Texas and gratefully receives support from individuals, foundations, corporations, government grants and the United Way. Their mission has guided them over their century plus history of helping Houston’s children in need: 

“We strengthen the lives of children by enhancing their mental health and physical well-being. DePelchin Children’s Center believes that every child deserves to be safe and healthy. An accredited foster care and adoption agency, DePelchin serves the most vulnerable children and families in Texas and works to break the cycles of abuse and neglect.”

DePelchin has been a huge support to us as we work to spread awareness about the foster care system in Texas and the United States. But our connection with them actually goes much deeper than that. Board member, Kyle Hutton was actually adopted out of the agency when he was under 1 year old. One of the biggest differences between DePelchin and other adoption agencies is their commitment to the adopting families. In their recent video: “A Brighter Tomorrow with Depelchin” single mom of 4, Christi Fisher tells about her story and interactions with DePelchin as she went through the process of adopting three foster children. Struggling to hold back tears, she described them,

“They’re with you from the beginning, and they are with you even beyond the ending.” This is truly the difference when it comes to adoption agencies in Texas and America!