Introducing Mama’s Well- A Podcast for Foster Parents

It’s no secret that foster care is a huge part of our core mission here at the Real Life Real Music Foundation. Our compassion and burden for children in foster care infiltrates both our personal and work lives, translating into everything we do. Our co-founder himself, Kyle Hutton, was adopted at just a few weeks old. Years later, he and his wife found themselves on a foster care journey which led them to adopt their two daughters. 

Being a musician, Kyle used his music to spread awareness for local foster children, in the form of the Foster EP and the A Place to Stay Tour for Foster Awareness, alongside country artist Radney Foster. All this to say, we are so excited to introduce to you the Hutton family’s newest endeavor in the foster care world… the Mama’s Well Podcast!

Hosted by real-life foster to adoptive parent Tara Hutton, Mama’s Well is a podcast, blog and community created especially for foster parents, offering access to the latest and greatest developments and time-tested methods for supporting the growth of foster and adoptive children.

Tara explains Mama’s Well as A place to sharpen the skills required to parent children from hard places. A place to be heard. A place to be inspired. A place to be well. Mama’s Well is a website, a podcast and so much more. Our resources are designed with singular purpose, to provide tools and encouragement to those who have answered the call of foster and adoptive parenting.”

Join other foster parents, gaining insight in a wide variety of topics, such as how to parent children with trauma, or how play is a great parenting tool. Tara has hosted a broad range of guests, many experts in different facets of the foster world, providing professional insights on how you can better parent these kids. Each and every episode is accompanied by a blog written personally by Tara, giving her personal insights and inviting others to share. 

This tool is great for foster families in any stage of their journey! Listen to join in on a community of parents looking to learn, and support each other along the way. Find Mama’s Well on Apple Podcasts, or watch the video version on Youtube! For even more information on what this endeavor is truly about, along with extra resources and exciting information on what’s to come. we invite you to explore the website at