Preserving Music History With RLRM

Here at the RLRM Foundation, we hold one of the nation’s most extensive collections of story/song recordings within the genres of Folk, Americana, Country, Texas Country, & Red Dirt music. Our archives include over 250 unique interviews and recordingsand that number is only growing! These recordings have been donated by The River Bend Fine Art Company, DBA, or the Real Life Real Music Songwriter Series. 

We’re proud to hold the RLRM musical archive, which is one of the nation’s largest music collections of Red Dirt, Americana and Country music. “The [RLRM Archives] are a treasure trove of important historical and cultural information exploring the many facets of Texas and Americana music.” – Dr. Gary Hartman, Director at the Center of Texas Music History.

Real Life Real Music is a fan-favorite songwriter series that comes in the form of both a radio show, and live concert experience. Its focus is to offer artists a chance to perform in an intimate setting, allowing them to truly connect with their fans and talk about their music with those who appreciate it as art. Rather than big flashy lights and loud full band performances, songwriters are able to share the heart and stories behind their songs in one of the best listening rooms in the country. A lot of times, these stripped-down performances are one of a kind moments in time. By recording them, we’re capturing a piece of music history that we believe should be experienced for generations to come.

So, why is musical preservation so important? Well, instead of letting these incredible moments slip away, it’s a way to hold music history in our hands. These days, music is changing so fast. But the musicians we focus on are true artiststhey believe in the craft of songwriting. Rather than writing to get big on the radio, they write to share their experiences. By archiving these songs, we’re giving this music a chance to live on in the way it deserves to. 

Want a peek into our collection? Visit the RealLifeRealMusic1 Youtube channel, where you’ll find some of our video podcast episodes featuring some incredible Red Dirt, Americana and Country artists. This is just dipping your toe into our extensive collection!

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