How Music Inspires Creativity

Music can do a lot of things. When we’re feeling down, listening to happy music can help to lift our spirits. Or, when we need a good cry, a sad, relatable song can help us release pent up emotions. But, can music actually make us more creative?

While the act of creating or writing music is a creative endeavor in and of itself, simply listening to music has the potential to transform us into more creative individuals. Here are several different ways music can transform your creative life… 

Music makes you happier.

As many of us know, listening to an upbeat song can help to lift your mood, and make an ordinary day a little bit happier. When you’re a happier individual, your capacity for being creative goes up. Naturally, your brain begins to function more clearly, and you’re naturally more imaginative! 

Playing an instrument promotes ideation.

While you can reap the benefits of creativity by simply listening to music, playing an instrument or writing music gives you even more creative power. The act of practicing or learning an instrument is a good way to exercise your brain power. Learning new information and practicing new skills gets your brain in the habit of thinking of new ideas, which lends itself to creativity.

Music teaches you to maintain focus.

Unlike noise in general, which can be a distraction, music has a defined structure that can help you to maintain focus on simple, repetitive tasks. This order helps your brain achieve a more “open” state, which allows for ideas to flow. 

Music sparks inspiration.

It’s no secret, music inspires people in a number of different ways. Whether it be the content of the lyrics or the flow of the melody, music often empowers and inspires people to reach new potentials, which often coincides with creativity. 

While there are a number of ways to get your creative juices flowing, listening to music is a simple task that many of us already do on a daily basis. Next time you listen to music, examine the effects it has on your overall creativity!