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Funds raised through “Faith in the Water” are being donated to the Rebuild Texas Fund. The Rebuild Texas Fund was created to support the long-term rebuilding efforts in communities across Texas devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The Texas Red Dirt Choir features: Josh Abbott, Bri Bagwell, Ray Benson, Jason Boland, Wade Bowen, Dorothy May Clark, Roger Creager, Deryl Dodd, Kevin Fowler, Susan Gibson, Pat Green, Josh Grider, Kristi Grider, Matt Hillyer, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Kyle Hutton, Jack Ingram, Cody Johnson, Micky and Gary Braun of Micky & The Motorcars, Mike Harmeier of Mike & The Moonpies, Cory Morrow, Kyle Park, Dave Perez, Willy and Cody Braun of Reckless Kelly, Heather Stalling, Max Stalling, Larry Joe Taylor, Koe Wetzel, & Jamie Lin Wilson. Also featuring Curtis Lee, Sheree Smith, Demetrius D-Soul Davis, & Ange Kogutz.

Project Details

“Faith in the Water” is more than a song, it’s a statement. A statement of resolve that’s as big as the State from which it hails. Written by singer-songwriters Roger Creager and Kyle Hutton, the song paints a picture of the despair, hope, and determination on the faces of their friends and neighbors in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and accomplishes a feat possibly unmatched in Texas Music history. Twenty-five of the scenes most accomplished artists have joined their hearts and voices to form The Texas Red Dirt Choir in a quest to raise $1,000,000 for those affected by the $190 billion dollar storm.

“Faith in the Water” reflects more than just the generosity of the front-men and women that sing on the project. The song, recorded in famed Bismeaux Studios (Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel), features A-list session players and studio professionals donating their time and talents to bring this musical fund-raising initiative to life.


1220 Colorado St., Ste 450
Austin, TX 78701

Clayton Corn
Executive Director